Photo: ©2020 Dario Srbic

HEW is a project space by artist and curator Elana Katz in cooperation with Gallery KWADRAT, founded in Berlin in March 2020. HEW’s activities are reactionary creative and critical experimentation, including site-specific installations, actions, and discourse — both in the context of public events and the intimacy of studio work. Launched at the beginning of Berlin’s COVID-19 lock-down, in the context of the pandemic HEW functioned as a dystopian sanctuary created by artists in surreal and uncertain times.

Founded at Falckensteinstraße 24 in Berlin Kreuzberg, HEW as a conceptual platform operates in a transitory manner. This house will thus regularly occupy different spaces, working in a site-specific manner at each location. Launched with a livestream group exhibition featuring Dario Srbic, Alessandro Rauschmann, Natalia Korotyaeva, Leonardo Borri, Elana Katz, and Exildiscount, HEW’s program has also included group exhibition NULL PUNKT NULL NULL with Philip Kojo Metz, Lisa Stertz, Martyna Poznanska, and Fernanda Trevellin, solo performances by Elana Katz, Lisa Stertz, and Dario Srbic. Accomanying the exhibiton program, HEW presented an artist talk series with invited speakers Marek Claaßen, founder of, curator Chiara Valci Mazzara, and art historian Jasmine Hagedorn, in conversation with artists and collaborators of <the house>. HEW is pleased to have hosted a solo exhibition by Hans Peter Kuhn, MEHR LICHT, November - December 2020. The group exhibition DOWN TO EVERYTHING (March 2021) curated by Elana Katz and Dario Srbic, marked the 1 year anniversary of the public launch of HEW as a contemporary art space. With the launch of the group exhibion THIS ONE TIME (July 11 - August 14, 2021) HEW was pleased to open at its 2nd Temporary location at Ohlauerstraße 4, Berlin. 

In April 2023, HEW will be exhibiting in a historic building formerly used as a prison in Berlin-Karlshorst, in cooperation with the Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen and the Museum of Karlshorst. EXIT IS NO OBJECT, runs April 14th - May 5th, 2023. 



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