28.03.20 - 12.04.20


Livestream Opening: 28. March, 2020 via @kwadratgalerie

<Landscapes of Pain>, Dario Srbic, site-specific installation, 2020
Needles of 3D printed plastic fill the room, over time.

<Silenzio Akt 1>, Alessandro Rauschmann + Natalia Korotyaeva, performance, site specific installation, 2020. 

   <Panspermia - a work of a certain gravity>, Leonardo Borri, 2010 - 2020.
Home dust and water, 10 years of polishing. 

<Love in the Time of Cholera, and Other Plagues>, Elana Katz, site-specific installation, 2020

/About the Artists/ 

Dario Srbic, born in the former Yugoslavia, lives in Berlin, Germany and London, UK. Dario started coding as a twelve-year-old and always felt that the machine was not merely executing the code, but also emanating an inexplicable sensuousness. Initially fascinated by the dark arts of algorithmic trading in the business world(s) he transitioned through philosophy into the equally dark sciences of algorithmic art. His current practice examines the embodiment of desire (arousal, pain, excitement) into code and expresses it in artificially (ready)made sculpture and performance. Dario holds an MA in Photography from Central Saint Martins and is currently studying for a practice-led PhD at Royal College of Art supervised by Professor Johnny Golding and Graham Hudson. Dario’s work has been exhibited in Science Museum - London in 2019, Angewandte Innovation Lab - Vienna in 2019, Austrian Cultural Forum - Berlin in 2019, The Victoria & Albert Museum's Digital Futures - London in 2018, Assembly Point and Asylum - London in 2018, MAK Museum - Vienna in 2017, and Seen Fifteen Gallery - London in 2016 amongst others. Dario’s work has been published in numerous publications, his MA thesis published in Journal of Philosophy of Photography, and his video work is held in Ursula Blickle Videoarchive.

Natalia Korotyaeva & Alessandro Rauschmann first met in 2006. They perform as a duo since 2008. After a long break they developed a new format. It is a performance in which both artists appear as protagonists equally. Roles are given and taken. Boundaries between dependence and autonomy fade away or are overcome. An abstract content flows into a symbolic context. Iconic images appear and get dissolved. Elements from each chapter flow into the next one. Apart that the artists work in the fields of drawing, ceramic sculpture and installation (Korotyaeva) and bronze sculpture, found objects/assemblage, photography and solo performance (Rauschmann). The artist couple has exhibited/ performed together in several venues in the past 2 years such as: Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin 2019, FFTN, Sankt Petersburg 2019, Eigen Art Lab, Berlin 2019, Bar Babette, Berlin 2019, +DEDE, Berlin 2019/2018, DaDa Post, Berlin 2018.The artists both earned Meisterschüler titles from the Berlin University of the arts in 2012. Korotyaeva under prof. Burkhard Held and Rauschmann under prof. Rebecca Horn and prof. Gregor Schneider. /

Exildiscount is a composer, sound engineer, producer and DJ from Berlin. Whether it is in working alongside video artists or in compiling a techno set, Drew’s work always operates along the same tenets: exploring, challenging and recontextualising the different narratives, disciplines, identities, perspectives and discourses that inform both a work itself as much as our understanding of it. In this, they draw on their formal training as much their biography. Drew studied at Humboldt University of Berlin, majoring in Musicology and Media (Studiengang „Musik und Medien“), and minoring in Cultural Studies. They started DJing in 2003 and have since played at parties across the queer scene of Berlin including House of Red Doors, Gegen and as a longtime resident at SchwuZ.  Exildiscount is the sound designer of Elana Katz’s performance film “Running on Empty”(2018), which has been exhibited internationally and recently acquired into the permanent collection of the Museum of Sundsvall, Sweden. Exildiscount’s multifaceted work is driven by a belief in idealism rather than ideologies. |

Leonardo Borri (remote participation from quarantine in Italy).Me on the search for a deeper connectionRealizing that there’s a limit which I called my limited perception.Between me and what can be called realA thin layer, a shadow, a living past that feels like an ordeal.Will I ever get rid of this noise in background?Will I ever transcend all this dirt that I found? For a Nova can only born from the dust of the pastWill I ever make something called: “worthy to last”?

Elana Katz is a conceptual artist working primarily in the medium of performance art. Katz’s work confronts cultural conventions, critically examines the complexity that lies within contradictions, and thus aims to create an experience of unlearning the assumed. Katz has exhibited/ performed at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium (2011), Diehl CUBE, Berlin (2013), P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York (2013), DNA Berlin (2015), ROCKELMANN&, Berlin (2016,17,18,19), DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery, Chicago (2019), the Museum of Sundsvall, Sweden (2019-20), and is represented by KWADRAT Berlin (2017-present). She studied in New York at the Parsons School of Design and earned a Meisterschülerin title from the Berlin University of the Arts, from Professor Katharina Sieverding. Katz has been based in Berlin since 2008.