HEW @ the Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin-Karlshorst

In cooperation with Museum Berlin-Karlshorst & Galerie KWADRAT

Opening: 14th April, 2023 (time TBA)

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This HEW exhibition will take place in the historic underground level of the Katholische Hochschule, formerly used as a prison by the Soviet Staatssicherheitsdienst. Selected artists will create site-specific artwork in the rooms of the basement, reactivating this historical space (which has in recent years had little to no visibility) through the innovative medium of contemporary art.

As the public cannot be granted access to the building’s lower level due to safety regulations (no emergency exit) – the exhibition will be viewable only through the use of surveillance cameras. The live surveillance footage will be screened on monitors exhibited the ground level of the Katholische Hochschule, at the Museum of Karlshorst, as well as online via livestream. This unusual format will create a parallel “watch space” separated from the physically inaccessible rooms and artworks being watched, while the topic of displacement is highly emphasized.

The title “Exit is No Object” refers to the focus of the exit in the space’s history and present-day restrictions. The exit as an object of surveillance is an impossibility, as surveillance exits precisely to prohibit the existence of an exit. The conceptual focus of the exhibition will deal precisely with this tension, furthermore considering tools and practices of surveillance as a useful format of communication to reach the otherwise unreachable, as well as a tool of voyeurism.

Co-curated by Elana Katz and Dario Srbić. List of exhibiting artists TBA.