Exildiscount, 2020

A documentary prelude of a future sound installation, produced at HEW in March 2020. The resulting [displaced] site-specific sound instalaltion is a work in progress - location TBD.

Exildiscount is a composer, sound engineer, producer and DJ from Berlin. Whether it is in working alongside video artists or in compiling a techno set, Drew’s work always operates along the same tenets: exploring, challenging and recontextualising the different narratives, disciplines, identities, perspectives and discourses that inform both a work itself as much as our understanding of it. In this, he draws on his formal training as much his biography. Born to Christian cultist parents, he spent his childhood playing music in pedestrian malls of Germany with his family band. Escaping the ideological confines of religion and prescriptive masculinity as a gender non-conforming teenager, Drew first pursued training as an events technician, then studied at Humboldt University of Berlin, majoring in Musicology and Media (Studiengang „Musik und Medien“), and minoring in Cultural Studies. He started out DJing in 2003 and now regularly plays at parties across the queer scene of Berlin, such as House of Red Doors, Gegen and as a longtime resident at SchwuZ. His work is driven by a belief in idealism rather than ideologies. www.soundcloud.com/exildiscount